Planning Applications 2018/19

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As a statutory consultee we comment on all planning applications within the Parish although Cornwall Council, as the Planning Authority, takes the final decisions.

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Planning Archives

PA18/11985 Land Adj To Evergreen Lodge Back Lane Canonstown Construction of 5 bungalows
PA19/00131 Middle Ninnis Farm Ninnis Bridge Lelant Downs Hayle Conversion and extension of an agricultural building to a dwelling house
PA18/11835 Land Adjacent To Trewidden Cottages Crowlas Demolition of existing granite building and construction of a two bedroomed dwelling on land adjacent to Trewidden Cottages
PA18/11590 Tremenheere Sculpture Garden Tolver Water Road Tolver Long Rock Construction of a timber cabin for visiting artists and wedding guests
PA18/11892 Lauristine Main Road Crowlas Extension & alterations to existing annexe
PA18/11679 Penlee A30 Between Rospeath Lane And Cockwells Crowlas Construction of a replacement rear extension
PA18/03121/PREAPP Land North West Of Heidi's Cottage Canonstown Pre application advice for residential dwelling(s)
PA18/11284 Rosevidney Manor Crowlas Retrospective approval for the Retention of Existing Window Openings, Conservation Velux Rooflights, Inset Balcony Structure and First Floor to be used as Ancillary Accommodation to Manor House
PA18/10730 Bayhouse Station Road Long Rock Construction of bank of solar panels at ground level in front of new house currently under construction
PA18/09941 Boscreege Cucurrian Ludgvan Proposed new external treatment to dwelling to include minor internal alterations
PA18/11237 Land At Longrock Long Rock EIA screening opinion request for proposed residential development
PA18/10898 Land N Of Chy An Mor Roundabout Jelbert Way Eastern Green Submission of details to discharge condition 11 in respect of decision notice PA16/09346
PA18/10816 Trembethow Farm Lelant Downs Hayle Farm track to link two existing farm tracks
PA18/10722 Land At Marazion Marsh Long Rock The construction of a new silt trap to the north of Marazion Marsh.
The creation of new open water areas within the existing reedbeds to encourage new wildlife habitat sites.
The provision of a new water level control devise on the existing marsh outfall culvert, which is intended to prevent the marsh drying out during the summer months.
PA18/10625 3 Riverside Cottages Access To Riverside Cottages Cockwells Outline application for residential development of up to 5 dwellings (all matters reserved)
PA18/10626 Kantara Blowing House Hill Ludgvan Proposed extensions to a single storey bungalow to form a 2-storey house and replacement garage
PA18/10421 Chy-An-Bre Canonstown Hayle Application for the change of use to form two separate houses from one
PA18/10062 Tregender Farmhouse Tregender Lane Crowlas Conversion of existing redundant barns to form five residential dwellings, with associated parking and landscaping with variation of condition 2 in respect of PA17/00221 to allow for extension, 3 additional rooflights and stainless steel flue
PA18/09707 Tregender Farmhouse Tregender Lane Crowlas Demolition of barn and construction of garage/workshop
PA18/09922 Land N Of Chy An Mor Roundabout Jelbert Way Eastern Green Submission of details to discharge condition no. 19 in respect of PA16/09346
PA18/09800 Land N Of Chy An Mor Roundabout Jelbert Way Eastern Green Submission of details to discharge conditions 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22, 23 and 39 in respect of decision no. PA16/09346
PA18/09638 Land N Of Chy An Mor Roundabout Jelbert Way Eastern Green Non-material amendment (No. 1) for addition of 4kW PV array to the south slope of the roof of the terminal building to (PA16/09346) Proposed heliport comprising: a terminal building, hangar, emergency vehicle garage, helicopter landing pad and apron, operational equipment and apparatus, fuel storage facility, bunding and pipework, 269 staff and customer long-stay parking spaces, 5 drop off spaces, access from Jelbert Way, internal access roads and footways, hardstanding and servicing, emergency escape route, landscaping, surface water drainage, utility connections and pipe-laying, acoustic mitigation, associated works and infrastructure.
PA18/09335 Land Adj To The Cottage Castle Gate Ludgvan Two detached dwellings with integral garages
PA18/09800 Land N Of Chy An Mor Roundabout Jelbert Way Eastern Green Submission of details to discharge conditions 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22, 23 and 39 in respect of decision notice PA16/09346
PA18/09395 Tregarthen Barn Tregarthen Long Rock Retention of structural post supporting balcony
PA18/02709/PREAPP Land At Former Cattle Market Long Rock Pre-application advice for provision of 5-9, one and two bedroomed short term modular units
PA18/09328 Historic Dwelling North Of Tregarthen Farmhouse Tregarthen Long Rock Outline application with all matters reserved for replacement of historic dwelling and garage and associated works
PA18/08802 Long Rock Beach Car Park Long Rock Proposal to install new coastal defences along Long Rock Beach, near Penzance. The coastal defences will take the form of new rock armour.
PA18/09063 Wisteria Cottage Long Lane Ludgvan Single storey extension
PA18/08920 Rosemerryn Rose An Grouse Canonstown Hayle Submission of details to discharge condition 3 in respect of decision notice PA17/08989
PA18/08690 1 Greenbank Crowlas Proposed first floor extension and attic conversion
PA18/08382 1 Bowglas Close Ludgvan Dormer Extension to North Elevation and Ground Floor Extension to South Elevation with Balcony Over
PA18/08504 Bowgyheere Farm Crowlas Re-covering of roof
PA18/07785 6 Trethorns Court Ludgvan Replace first floor balcony with first floor extension and Juliet balcony
PA18/07223 Polpeor Villa Wheal Kitty Road Lelant Erection of ancillary accommodation
PA18/07053 Land Rear To Louraine House Crowlas Construction of 6 Dwelling Houses, Access Road, Landscaping, Community Gardens & Associated Works (Three Affordable)
PA18/06997 Land Off Beach Road Beach Road Marazion EIA scoping opinion for Longrock Coastal Improvement Project for environmental improvements to Marazion Marsh and Longrock Pool
PA18/06313 Land North Of Baldhu House Baldhu Lane Nancledra Erect an agricultural wooden single storey shed 10m x 3.6m to provide dry storage of fruit
PA18/06582 Boskennal Mill Access To Boskennal Mill And Cucurrian Farm Cucurrian Ludgvan Submission of details to discharge conditions 2, 3, 4 and 5 in respect of Decision Notice PA16/09525 dated 6th July 2017
PA18/06473 Vinnik House Lower Quarter Ludgvan Construction of single storey garage and associated works
PA18/06347 Rear Of 36 - 38 Polmor Road Crowlas Construction of 4 houses and retention of a block of garages (amended scheme)
PA18/05506 St Ives Holiday Village Lelant Replacement of 35 existing holiday units with 32 new lodges
PA18/06086 33 Trescoe Road Long Rock First floor extension over garage, ground floor extensions to rear and side. Raised decking
PA18/05900 32 Darlington Road Long Rock Proposed single storey rear extension and new flat roof dormer with general alterations
PA18/05639 Trewynne Coombe Ninnesbridge Road Lelant Downs Hayle Demolition of existing, single-storey, timber-clad, timber-frame dwelling with concrete block extension, and replacement with a 2-storey timber-frame dwelling clad with granite and lime plaster on ground floor with lime plaster and timber on second floor
PA18/05975 Long Rock Car Park Long Rock Scoping opinion in relation to PA17/02079/PREAPP
PA18/02006 Poniou House Poniou Lane Long Rock Construction of timber shed for tractor and implements used on small holding
PA18/05389 Land West Of Trencrom House Carntiscoe Road Lelant Downs Outline planning permission with some matters reserved: Construction of two dwellings (two storey)
PA18/05603 Jessamine Rose An Grouse Canonstown Hayle Submission of details to discharge conditions 2 and 3 of PA18/00150 (Proposed vehicle access and creation of new parking area.)
PA18/04953 Penhuis Rospeath Lane Crowlas Double storey rear extension
PA18/04531 Questmap Business Park Phase 2 Poniou Way Long Rock Industrial Estate Long Rock Provision of 3no business units (amendment to extant permission 09-1348-P)
PA18/04921 Trewidden Gardens A30 Between Rospeath Lane And Cockwells Crowlas The amendment is to put a Velux window in the north elevation and the south elevation on all 3 houses. Size
940 mm x 1180 mm
PA18/04804 Levant And Elm Wood Vellanoweth Ludgvan Proposed ground floor extensions to 2 adjoined houses - no proposed change of use or amalgamation
PA18/03561 3- The Buildings Station Road Long Rock Renovation and new extension works
PA18/03307 Carruthers A30 Between Crowlas And White Cross Cockwells Submission of details to discharge conditions 3, 4, 5 and 6 in respect of decision notice PA17/08544
PA18/01806 Bowls Barn Castle Road Ludgvan Retrospective application for the change of use of agricultural land and building to part use of the building as a commercial timber workshop and part use of the building as a domestic stable/store, part use of the land as a car parking area for use in conjunction with the commercial timber workshop and part use of the land for the keeping of horses, and the consolidation and extension of the hardstanding area around the building.
PA18/00766/PREAPP Land Adjoining The Cottage Castle Gate Ludgvan Pre-application advice sought in respect of the erection of 2 dwellings
PA18/02162 4 Treassowe Riding Castle Road Ludgvan Replacement Conservatory
PA18/01998 Hillside Blowing House Hill Ludgvan Proposed Shower Room and Lobby Extension for disabled Access
PA18/01613 Splattenridden Road Between Carntiscoe Road And Lelant Lelant Downs Agricultural storage shed
PA18/01485 Hogus House Church Hill Ludgvan T1,T2,T3 Bay - reduce height to 1.5m to allow regeneration at lower level. T4 Bay-Halve number of stems. T5 Myrtle remove lower branches interfering with rhododendron.
PA18/00939 Commercial Building At Trenowin Farm Ludgvan Conversion, extension and change of use of a commercial building to two dwelling houses.
PA18/00359/PREAPP Long Rock Post Office Godolphin Road Long Rock Change of use from office space to dwelling
PA18/01230 Tregarthen Barn Tregarthen Farm Tregarthen Long Rock Alterations to previously approved balcony
PA18/00751 Tregellas West Cockwells Replace roof on garage/barn
PA18/00654 9A Church Hill Ludgvan Replacement of timber garden shed with accommodation pod
PA18/00906 50 Polmor Road Crowlas Certificate of lawfulness for proposed construction of new extension
PA18/00284 Chy-Kernyk Vellanoweth Ludgvan Application for a self contained domestic annex with holiday use restriction
PA18/00150 Jessamine Rose An Grouse Canonstown Hayle Proposed vehicle access and creation of new parking area
PA17/11846 Tremenheere Sculpture Garden Tolver Long Rock New artists studio/workshop. New visiting artists cabin. Change of use from agricultural land to sculpture garden
PA17/12289 Rosevidney Barton Rosevidney Crowlas Change of use from disused pig building to overnight holiday accommodation


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